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AWEBER REVIEW – Aweber Email marketing review – Why I chose Aweber – FREE Email Autoresponder

Email autoresponders are the lifeblood of any thriving online business given that if you want to make a sustainable income online you need an email list and you need to consistently be emailing that list think of it this way professional athletes use the absolute best equipment in order to get the job done for their consistency dependability and to make their efforts go further and that’s no different here so if you plan to level up with your email marketing you absolutely need a dependable professional email autoresponder like aweber so today i wanted to explain my decision on selecting aweber as my email autoresponder above all other options out there hey itaime if you’re just meeting welcome to the channel that brings actionable content to grow your business through online marketing so if that sounds beneficial consider subscribing all right so the first reason that i went with aweber above all other email autoresponders was its reporting reporting is absolutely crucial for me and it’s something that i absolutely did not want to compromise any further the present email autoresponder that i was using just was not cutting it because they didn’t have any type of reporting whatsoever so i didn’t have any visibility on who opened my emails who clicked on my emails or had any level of engagement with my product and that’s a huge issue but after seeing what aweber had to offer it absolutely made sense i could see exactly the stats of who opened my emails who clicked on my emails when emails bounced i had full transparency in everything so now i’m able to quickly identify those people that are heavily engaged in my content because i see their opens i see their clicks and i see the level of engagement that they have whenever they come back to my email over and over and over again so those types of people i absolutely want to reach back out to another huge selling point for me was the deliverability do the emails that are sent out through the email autoresponder actually get to the recipients so after a thorough analysis of reading blogs watching videos speaking with the aweber staff i felt very comfortable that whenever i send out an email through aweber there’s not going to be any deliverability issues and you would think that every email autoresponder would have this part figured out but they absolutely don’t there are some very high profile email autoresponders which i won’t name in this video that absolutely do a bad job on deliverability and after sending tens of thousands of emails within a couple of weeks i can safely vouch for the deliverability with aweber my emails get to where they absolutely need to get to and another big reason for me moving to aweber is because they are affiliate friendly for those of you that are not aware not every email autoresponder is going to take affiliate links kindly so i was pleasantly surprised to learn that aweber is one of the most friendly email autoresponders out there in the affiliate world so this means that i can continue doing affiliate marketing at scale and reaching out to my email database consistently with some affiliate links to amazon products some affiliate links to real estate schools some affiliate links to any and every other product and service that i personally use and believe in all right so let’s address the elephant in the room price that is a big factor on most people’s decision.

when it comes to the email marketing system that they go with and for me that’s no different i do take price into consideration especially giving the size of the email database that i have but it’s not my absolutely number one requirement when it comes to an email autoresponder in fact aweber has a free plan up to 500 contacts and 3 000 email sends within a month that is powerful so if you want the link to that free plan it’ll be waiting for you down in the description and in the comment section and a big point of clarification that free account is not a free trial it doesn’t go away after 14 days 30 days 60 days 90 days it is a free account as long as you have less than 500 contacts another big motivator for me selecting aweber was their world class support not only did i see the reviews online that their support was killer but i also spoke to several users of aweber that swore up and down and backed the support that aweber has for them and the next reason i selected a weber was its ease of use now i understand that’s a highly subjective category but at the end of the day i firmly believe it it is very intuitive it just makes sense it makes sense to create lists it makes sense to create campaigns it makes sense how broadcast works the entire platform is just very easy to use and i actually tried this out before i migrated my entire database just in case it wasn’t as easy as i thought so i imported a couple hundred leads so i could take advantage of the free account and tested things out before i migrated my entire database over i didn’t want to have buyer’s remorse because as you know migrating your database is painful which kind of leads me to the next point aweber has a free migration service which means that they will actually import your entire database for free and they’ll map everything out however you want it it’s fully customizable so if you’ve moved from platform to platform before you understand the huge value and the huge time saver this actually is hey one quick second i’ll let you get back to the reasons that i selected aweber i just need one huge favor from you in the meantime would you mind going down to the bottom of this video and smashing like that’s going to really help out the channel thanks another major factor for me was the integrations aweber is able to directly connect with a lot of different platforms out there whether that’s websites whether that’s landing pages they are just able to connect without needing a third-party integrator and in the event they don’t have a direct connection you still are able to use that third-party integration system like zapier which will basically do any other type of communication and integration that you can think of another reason that i selected aweber was because of their templates they have a ton of them that are professional and are separated based off of categories so if i wanted to do a real estate email template or if i wanted to do a consulting email template it’s available at the end of the day i really like the way aweber does business not only do they take care of their clients but they also make pricing so simple so they don’t complicate it they operate on a simplicity model and i absolutely want you to prove me right on this just simply look at the pricing and how simple it is and compare it

against other email autoresponders so as a reminder go down to the bottom of this description and get your free aweber account well now you know about my decision to move to aweber you might be interested in learning how to do email marketing consistently so i’ll leave a video right here that’s going to help you do that also if you found value today please be sure to subscribe and turn on that notification bell so you don’t miss another video and of course make it your best day yet